Voltaire: The Song Bird

voltaire (1)Voltaire is a Cabaret Musician, an artist and computer animator. Born in Cuba, Aurelio Voltaire Hernandez created his own sound with roots in Goth and European Folk. It is a bit difficult to categorize his sound although it is commonly considered new wave or dark/folk music. He plays various string instruments as well as the drums and played in a small band before becoming an independent songwriter.

Voltaire was successful in creating a unique image along with his talent by putting out his very own comic book called ‘Oh My Goth.’ He also chose to write his own sci-fi novel called ‘The Legend of Candy Claws.’ Without a doubt his ideas were a huge success amongst listeners and readers in various countries. Like other successful musicians he has integrated his image into every product. Creativity in how anyone presents themselves is commonly overlooked. Some creativity is difficult to express in a society that does not give praise to the person who decides to take a different path than the ‘majority’ of people. When someone isn’t afraid to channel their creativity and stand out amongst others it is often reward by the people.

In order to become an established artist it takes a unique approach and image that is unlike any of the other hundreds of artists who devote their time to making it within the music industry. Is there a secret to making it as a songwriter? It appears to be that the ones who have been a success excel in their creative approach and style. Even if a musician has a great deal of talent, it isn’t guaranteed that they will make it unless they are able to sell their image.

Voltaire has built a heavy following because of his memorabilia and products in different industries. He has a great deal of science fiction and anime fans that listen to his music after becoming a fan of his writing. As a well respected artist he is often credited for his lyrics, ability to play multiple instruments and create unique products. In this approach he was able to make himself stand out amongst other artists.

It’s important to possess a unique image as it is a part of his entertainment value. A great entertainer always presents himself in a way that is new and viral to the public.  This goes hand in hand with sending the message that is portrayed in his music. Being able to counteract a different popular image is a common technique amongst musicians who want to break through the mold and gain fans. If you do have the look and are lacking in talent it may be more difficult than if you had the talent and not the look – PR and advertising strategies can always be changed, especially when an artist such as Voltaire becomes comfortable in his or her own skin.

Music The Healer!

Music-TherapyDo you believe that the natural healing powers of the world can do the most in helping us cope with mental illnesses and physical ailments? It is nice to know that there are forms of therapy that do not have adverse or addicting side effects – believe it or not, music is a powerful form of healing. Countless studies illustrate that when music is exposed to the brain the cognitive properties reorganize themselves in a pattern that promotes a more advanced way of thinking and in turn feeling. ‘Music Therapy’ is a real thing as sound has proven to help people who face difficulties such as Anxiety, Alzheimer’s and Speech Impediments.

How the brain processes music is interesting to observe and make sense of. The pattern like sounds and rhythms give our brain a guideline to replicate by which we can control our thoughts and feelings. These sounds inspire the body to move in synchronization, pushing our mind to continuously move forward. Due to technological advancements the most common forms of communication have been replaced by virtual and melodic interactions. Music is a huge means of communication that appears to unite, relieve and spark sympathetic and understanding emotions.

Rhythm surrounds us at all times throughout the day; from clocks to traffic, to footsteps to our own heartbeat; there is consistency when we listen. Sound frequencies can even build shape formations which takes philosophy to an entirely new level. The magic in our world is one that is often overlooked or unseen because of the material fillers we see, touch and taste. We each have our own unique consciousness which allows us to perceive physical things differently, but, music seems to appeal to all of us in different ways. Could sound be a part of our makeup as humans?

If this is the case it would explain why music has healing properties. If you’ve ever gotten an adrenalin rush or felt Goosebumps after listening to a song you may understand why it’s so powerful. The music and love that we share with one another may be the basis of everything. There is a universal code that we are in search of – this code can spark harmony between energy fields and help us find peace in consciousness.  It could be possible that everything we experience is a frequency of some sort, music being the most powerful one of all. It is said that by tuning our minds to higher frequencies of love we can open up our own divine power and find a mental breakthrough. Music may be a tool for our mind and something that helps us love each other.

When an entity is vibrating at a high frequency it affects other entities in a negative or positive manner.  “The keystone of the entire structure of the spiritual and physical universe is Rhythmic Balanced Interchange between all opposites.”- Walter and Lao Russell. Can we pull from this and have a deeper understanding as to why frequencies may be a significant process that heals us and takes us to higher places?

Surviving In The Wild World Of Music

music_notesThe music industry isn’t one that’s easy to get into. With millions of people attempting to gain a wide fan base and express art through music it’s only once in awhile that an artist is found and molded into a success story. It isn’t impossible although it does remain challenging. Surviving the music industry means being able to withstand time, pressure and constant critiquing. Although there are different types of artists, the ones who do make it seem to have their own style and image which helps shape them into a musical sensation.

There are a few concepts that are of great importance in the music industry, loyalty being one of them.  This loyalty applies to the artists’ relationship with their recording companies, writers, producers, friends and fan bases. Musicians are often looked down upon if they don’t stick to their word, especially for the people who have helped shape them into the success story they are. Although artists do have freedom to express themselves and their thoughts through music they are still leaders to the people. In the music industry it’s easy to gain a fan and it’s just as easy to lose one.

Building a loyal fan base comes from being consistent in shows, messages and music production. Listeners enjoy attending live performances. When an artist doesn’t commit to their word it may cause disappointment amongst the people. Being that music is a powerful force that unites our communities we can see why it’s most important to make listeners happy while remaining true to our original image.

Being spotted by an A&R or record company is difficult although it’s much more accessible now that we have the freedom to build an online presence. There are virtual means that allow us to project a powerful image or product. There are music sites and social networks such as YouTube, Hot New Hip Hop, World Star and Dat Piff that help us connect with professionals and listeners.

Becoming a public figure is somewhat of an art that is not taught to students – it is usually a reputation that is accumulated over time for one reason or another. Public figures often stand out in something that they are capable of doing or because of their unique talent. Their product may be music, acting skills or their ability to make people laugh. Whatever it is, it can be easy to lose fans, which is why every step counts.

Persistence, unique style and hard work seem to be the key to making it in entertainment and any other industry for that matter. With a fresh approach to a product and the dedication to see it through there are endless opportunities. The dreams that we have can lead us into a place that we belong. Pursuing music is a dream for many people who may not always remain persistent enough to make their vision become a reality.