Independent Women On The Rise!


Independent Women On The Rise!

In the last several decades, women are being celebrated more and more across the United States. However, it is also important to recognize the women who helped pave the way for the strong women Americans currently know and celebrate. Throughout history, women have contributed significantly to the country in a wide variety of ways. These contributions have led to the United States that people are familiar with today.

Strong Women Who Helped to Progress the USA

Strong women are often seen as those in positions of power, but any woman can possess the strength to change those around her. Ruth Benedict said, “I long to speak out the intense inspiration that comes to me from the lives of strong women.” Strong women are able to inspire those around them to be greater and to take charge. This is what has led to major changes in the United States throughout history.

Over the course of the next 10 years, the workforce will see an estimated one billion women enter it throughout the world. This means that women will play a major role in running corporations and bringing money into the global economy. This will give women the chance to make major changes in industries that are largely run by men. It will also allow women to help change the cities they live in in positive and meaningful ways.

Female Icons in the United States

Everything that makes the United States great is celebrated on the 4th of July. People look back on history and remember those who enacted change. Women, while not seen as equals decades ago, worked tirelessly to make this country a better place for people of all genders, races and cultures. These women are responsible for many of the rights people take for granted today.

It was not until 1920 that women were able to vote for the leaders of this country. While women’s rights have come a long way, there is still inequality between the genders. However, this has not stopped some women from being pioneers and leading the charge against oppression. The following women have helped to shaped the world as you know it today:

a)      Margaret Brent played a major role in women’s suffrage

b)      Abigail Adams is the wife of president John Adams and she helped to influence his decisions

c)      Sojourner Truth worked to promote humans rights

d)     Dorothea Dix helped with war nursing and social reform

e)      Harriet Beecher Stowe was a major part of the antislavery movement

f)       Harriet Tubman conducted the Underground Railroad

g)      Susan B. Anthony inspired the suffrage movement throughout the nation

Knowing these women and what their contributions are will give you a better picture of American history. All of these women are responsible for helping women to achieve greater freedoms and for ensuring that all Americans enjoy a higher quality of life. These women fought against power to make a statement and to enact change when no one thought it was possible.

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