Beginner’s Guide: Things You Need to Get Started With Quilting

As a beginner, you might find quilting frustrating. It requires a lot of work. Moreover, you can’t always get your first project right. You’ll need a lot of patience and determination to improve your quilting skills.

Some individuals hire a professional who can teach them how to quilt. But why do you have to find a person who would tutor you this craft when you can learn it by yourself?

If your budget is tight, you can learn quilting by DIY tutorials. There are online sources that teach beginners on how to get started with this fabric art. One of the most reliable websites that help beginners in learning how to quilt is the Sewing Machine Club.

The Sewing Machine Club offers tips and guidelines for quilting. It also provides helpful information on the ideal quilting patterns for beginners as well as how to take care of a sewing machine.

Before you look for quilting tutorials, you’ll need a complete collection of tools to create a quilt project. Here is what you need to get started with quilting.

#1 A Long Ruler

You will need a ruler that is at least 24 inches long. If you can find a longer ruler, the better it is. You’ll need this tool when you measure the fabric patterns before cutting or sewing it together. Likewise, prepare a tape measure for measuring longer fabrics.

#2 A Square Ruler

The purpose of square ruler is to help you cut perfect quilt blocks. Using a regular ruler won’t support you in cutting perfect squares. Thus, make sure to have a square ruler before quilting.

#3 Thread

Purchase a high-quality thread. Low-quality thread easily snaps and has a tendency to tangle around the fabric. Using a good quality thread assures that there are no loose fabrics.

#4 Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is useful in cutting straight, crisp lines for the top layer of the quilt.

#5 Self-Healing Mat

Cutting a fabric without a flat and sturdy base is difficult. You can use a self-healing mat for cutting your fabrics. This tool helps you to cut fabrics fast and easy. Moreover, you can avoid the scratches on your tables and floors.

#6 Sewing Machine

Of course, make sure that you have a sewing machine for quilting. If you don’t have one, look for a sturdy and high-performing sewing machine. Most advanced models of sewing machines feature automatic thread cutter and various pre-programmed settings. Latest models of sewing machines are quite expensive, but a worthy investment.

#7 Fabric

You can’t start sewing without fabric. There are pre-cut quilting fabrics in the market. It is ideal for beginners to buy pre-cut fabrics since it is more convenient to use.

The most popular fabric for quilting is cotton, denim, flannel, wool, and Batik. Among these five choices, the easiest fabric to control is cotton. This type of fabric is perfect for newbies in quilting.

Now that the things you’ll need is complete, the next step is to start your project. For additional details on how to get started in quilting, check it out at the Sewing Machine Club.