A Guitar Pedal

A guitar pedal alters the sound of your guitar to produce a distortion, delay, wahwah and an overdrive to the music sang. The effects of the pedals can be used to equalize and control the volume of the guitar tone.

Connecting the pedal

Remove the screw on the sides of the pedal using a counterclockwise direction. Put off the faceplate to access the 9volt battery and try to hook on the pedal. Use the negative and positive end of the battery connect with negative and positive ends of the battery.  This powers the pedal so nicely if they are in good working condition.

If you doubt on how to plug in to the power, it is good for you to go through your manual for guidance. You do not have to power your pedal if you use the batteries. If it shows some red signaling on the face of the pedal, it means that your battery are running low and need to be replaced.

Using the power socket instead of batteries

It is an added advantage to use your electricity supply than the batteries. Batteries can dye any time without your conscience as you are on the stage performing. Using the power energy from the electricity could be helpful to give a fluent energy. You just need a power cord of 9 voltages and connect from the wall to the side of the pedal.

Plugging the guitar cord

Insert your guitar cord in to the output jack on your pedal. The cord must be long to connect your amp from your pedal. The best size of your code can be 6.4mm for the connection. The end cord does not really matter when it comes to plugging of the pedal. You can use whichever side you may like.

Using a multiple of pedals

You can use more pedals to give different sounds using a guitar cord to connect them. The output jack should be connected to the plug of one pedal. Then the second one plug in to the input jack to connect them. You can use as many pedals you may like by only fixing them using this method. Using more than one pedal together at the same time gives you the best mix of the effects at the same time.

The amp connection

Use the other end of your cord on the output jack of the pedal to fix in to the input jack of your amplifier. The wire has to run from the amp to the pedal so as to give you an ample time as you fix. In multiple pedals, use the wire to the amp to connect to the last pedal.

Inserting your guitar cord

Get another separate guitar cord and plug in to the input jack of your pedal. The cord has to be long enough to connect to your guitar from the pedal. Insert the opposite end of the cord in to the input jack on the pedal and lastly put the single jack on the guitar. Using these very helpful tips your pedal effects is already set up.


It is easy to run a pedal on your guitar to get the different sounds that you need as you are giving out your best music tones. The pedal can give sound effects to your music if you know the best placement of each sound through practice. From the already made connection, you can try out to get different notes and to get the sound that you need most in you song.

A Guide to Protein Shake Diet for Beginners

The popularity of protein shake diet has skyrocketed in recent years and cannot be easily denied. This is evidenced by the overwhelming number of protein shake supplements found on supermarket shelves and advertisements found in many health and fitness magazines. Add to that the protein shake advocates who discovered that mixing your protein shake in a blender is not only a cheaper option but also a tastier one since they have the freedom to choose which ingredients to mix together for the shakes. Protein shake diet is founded on the idea that eating protein-rich foods leads to successful weight loss. However, is this type of diet really effective in reducing weight? If so, how exactly does it work?

For several years now, the protein shake diet fad has swept not only the United States but also many countries in Europe and even Asia. A quick glance at grocery-store shelves filled with all types of protein powders confirms the widespread appeal and popularity of this diet. There is no doubt that the diet pendulum has already swung from low-carb diet to high-protein diet.

Promoters of protein shake diet claim that such a diet triggers weight loss because protein – not carbohydrates – helps the body shed more calories. The moment this macronutrient leaves your fork, protein starts narrowing your waistline. It takes more energy to digest, metabolize, and consume foods high in protein; thus, more calories are burned trying to process them. When protein converts to glucose in a process known as gluconeogenesis, a large amount of calories are burned off.

Protein also aids in weight loss because it has a high satiety value. Compared to carbohydrates, it takes longer for proteins to leave the stomach. Because of protein’s high satiety value, it makes a person feel full faster and longer. Protein seems to act as an appetite suppressant, which can significantly curb or reduce the calories people might consume from snacks between major meals.

Additionally, protein shake diet advocates argue that such diet regimen helps people shed pounds because it triggers a state known as ketosis, whereby a person’s metabolism switches from a carbohydrate-burning metabolism to a fat-burning metabolism.

When the body is in need of energy, it always turns to stored carbohydrates first. If the required carbohydrates are not present, the body’s next option is stored fat. By limiting your intake of carbohydrates, therefore, you force your body to turn to fat for energy, which in turn leads to further weight loss. The body also begins converting protein into glucose for energy, and studies show that it takes far more energy to synthesize protein than carbohydrates and fats. The combination of burning fat and protein instead of low-carbohydrate diet is a very successful formula to rapid weight loss.

Not only do protein shake diets lead to weight loss, but they provide health benefits as well. Protein is essential to the body for normal functioning. It is the building block of almost every cell in the body and is a key component in body tissues such as blood, skin, bones, and of course, muscles. It is also responsible for building and repairing damaged tissues in the body.

Protein, just like carbohydrates and fat, is considered a macronutrient, which means the body requires large amounts of it in order to function properly. The body stores both carbohydrates and fats, but it does not store protein. It is essential, therefore, to consume foods rich in protein so as to supply the body with the nutrients it needs.

Handicap Vans Aid People with Physical Disabilities

Having physically disabled family members can be quite hard and stressful, especially when transporting them to other places. Well, there is an easy and convenient way of transporting your physically disabled loved one, and this is by utilizing handicap or wheelchair vans. This type of van aids families in transporting their physically disabled loved ones to different places conveniently, easily, and safely, anytime they want. With the advanced technology available right now, wheelchair vans are much more hi-tech compared to before. In fact, some may even be customized with state-of-the-art sound system, and you can check online to get you started with that.

Nowadays, many online websites provide us with information about different types of vans for the disabled. They also provide variety of lists about different handicap vans available online. To find the type of van you want, the first thing you must do is to narrow down your research. This is essential to your search for a good quality van because by doing so, you are able to browse and compare different types of wheelchair vans and be able to choose or buy the best van that will perfectly suit your needs.

If you have an adult or an elderly disabled individual, then it is best that you choose to buy a bigger-sized wheelchair van. On the other hand, if your disabled individual is just a child, then it is best that you choose to buy a regular-sized van over a huge-sized or small-sized van. Why choose a regular-sized van? This is because you must consider the size of the child when he or she grows up. Obviously, if you buy a small van, you will have a hard time transporting your child when he or she grows up or becomes bigger.

Another thing that you must consider is the size of your family. If you have a big family, then it is essential that you buy a full-sized van, so everyone can occupy and sit comfortably inside the van, including the disabled family member. Reconsidering the van’s seating configuration is also important upon selection. It should be based according to the condition of the disabled family member so that he or she can sit comfortably and safely during transport. Handicap vans aid disabled persons to gain a comfortable and secure transportation, which is why the seating configuration is very important because it will provide not only comfort to the disabled member but to the other family members as well.

As with any other product, wheelchair vans have also evolved and improved in many ways. Today, handicap vans have a variety of conversion designs, peripheral equipment such as removable or portable seats, wheelchair tie downs, powered ramps with manual override and many more. To sum it all up, vans for the disabled today are much more accessible, reliable, durable, much easier and convenient to use. Most importantly, these are more safety oriented.

Handicap vans aid more and more disabled individuals each day. So, why struggle transporting your disabled family member, maybe relative or even your friend in a regular car when you can always have a handicap van that allow you to transport them easily, conveniently, and safely anywhere and anytime you or they want. If the welfare of your family is your priority, then you have to check out these handicap vans.