Why Should Men Wear Underwear When Putting on Pants?

We understand that some men feel comfortable when they don’t wear underwear before putting on their pants.

However, did you know that there are several reasons why you should get rid of that habit of going commando?

Well, some of it is for health reasons which might encourage or convince you from changing your ways.

So without further ado, here are important reasons why you should wear your underwear at all times:

1. Less chafing down there

Chafing is a type of skin irritation that happens when your skin repeatedly rubs with your clothing. If you love going commando when wearing pants, you can risk your package from getting chafed.

Did you know that your pants’ fabrics can harm your groin? Your trousers materials are not designed to be gentle on your skin – unlike underwear that really cares about your skin health.

Since your undies serve as a second layer of clothing, your manhood would be protected from external factors that can irritate it.

Would you still go commando after knowing this stuff?

2. Avoid crotch rot

In the medical world, a crotch rot is called tinea curis. It is a skin infection that is caused by wearing wet or tight clothing.

If you wear underwear but don’t keep it clean, then you’re still at risk. It only means that you should practice wearing clean underwear and change them if necessary. Through doing so, you can avoid crotch rot.

Underwear is sweat-absorbent unlike your pants or trousers (or anything that you wear on the lower half of your body). Since it can absorb sweat, it can also keep you dry down there.

In fact, some underwear is made of special fabric such as polyester blends that can make your bodily fluids evaporate quicker. If you can get access to this type of underwear material, you can definitely lessen your risk of crotch rot.

3. No more embarrassing sweat stains

Do you think it would look appealing if you have sweat stains on your groin area?

Underarm sweat stains are already embarrassing; imagine if it’s groin sweat stains. Gross, right?

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to avoid it – just wear clean underwear!

Aside from your underwear can efficiently absorb sweat like what we mentioned earlier, it can also serve as a barrier that can stop sweat from staining your trousers.

4. Avoid accidental acts of flashing

There are times that you’ll forget to zip up after using the bathroom or those unfortunate moments when your zipper broke. If you aren’t wearing any underwear, you might unwillingly show your package.

That’s totally embarrassing, especially if your long-time crush saw it. Boy, you might want the land to open up and just eat you alive!

We think that would be enough reason to convince you of wearing underwear from now on!

Now that you know the importance of not going commando under your pants, it might be the perfect time to get a grasp about choosing the right pants. Learn more here about dress pants and slacks for men.