Skincare Product Facts: Is CC cream Only a Marketing Ruse?

Facial cleansers, moisturizers, foundation creams, and skin serums are only some of the skincare products you need to preserve skin health. But as you go through the skincare products on stores, you will see the name, ‘CC cream.’

Chances are you heard or seen this skincare product in advertisements, as well as, in social media. You might be even using this product as of now.

With all the media hype of this product, especially on the internet, it is not surprising that some doubt the effects and use of CC cream. Many are questioning the hype of this product and whether its benefits are all just fabricated for marketing purposes.

What is CC cream? 

CC cream is a cosmetic product advertised as an alternative to sunscreen, foundation, and moisturizer. It is an all-in-one cosmetic product that people can fit on their pouches.

The ‘CC’ in CC cream stands for the color-correcting benefit of the product. Although the term is quite new in the market, CC cream has been around for many years in the guise of tinted moisturizers. This skincare product is practically a tinted moisturizer that you might have even used back then.

The function of the product is to correct the discolored areas of the skin. Hence, it evens out dark spots, red patches, blemishes, and other imperfections, making your skin look smoother and stunning.

What are the Benefits of CC Cream? 

Aside from its color-correcting benefit, this skincare product has more to offer. Most CC creams today have SPF content. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Thus, it reduces your risk of photoaging.

Moreover, many CC creams nowadays have a moisturizing effect. They contain organic ingredients that can help restore skin moisture and prevent dryness despite being outdoors for long hours.

CC cream also serves as a protection for your pores. It prevents the pores from clogging due to dirt and excessive oil. Therefore, it can also help in decreasing the chances of acne breakout.

Is CC Cream Benefits Exaggerated? 

It is undeniable that CC cream is one of the most marketed skincare products. However, the benefits of this product that you can read on the internet and advertisements are not a ruse. CC cream has many potential skin health benefits. There is strong evidence both from experts and buyers that it is useful to the skin.

How to Find the Best CC Cream? 

Be warned that not all skincare products you see on shelves are worth spending money. You have to wise in choosing which skincare product to pick out, including when purchasing CC creams.

Select a CC cream that is perfect for your type of skin. You can check the top choice for best cc cream for mature skin on this source. The Younger Skin Guide is an informative source that posts reviews and guidelines to assists buyers in searching for the best skincare products. If you have questions about CC cream, you can rely on this source.


CC cream is not a product of fad. The moisturizing, anti-aging, and protection benefits of this skincare product are all true. Consequently, it is essential for maintaining and improving skin health.