5 Smart Tips on How to Choose the Best HVLP Spray Gun

HVLP spray guns are now becoming more and more popular; they are convenient, versatile, and easy to use. However, with so many options in the market today, choosing the best HVLP spray gun becomes challenging, especially for new buyers. If you are also having a hard time selecting the best, check this post now.

HVLP or High Volume Low-Pressure spray gun is similar to conventional sprayers; it dispenses paint finish at a high volume, but at low pressure, which results in fewer overspray and efficient spray painting.

But how do you pick the best HVLP spray gun when there is a myriad of options?

Simple; there are useful and smart tips that you can follow when choosing the best HVLP spray gun. Here are a few to mention:

#1: Look for a flexible HVLP spray gun

The flexibility of the HVLP spray gun is crucial to fast and successful spray painting projects. It will give the expected and best outcome. So, when choosing an HVLP spray gun, it should have the convenience of adjustable key settings, including:

  • The speed control
  • The pattern flow
  • The spray pressure

#2: Choose an HVLP sprayer with more patterns

More patterns mean more options. If you are going to purchase an HVLP spray gun, choose one with three modes at the least, including horizontal, vertical, and circular fans. Having these options will allow you to control the paint flow according to the project at hand.

#3: Look for an HVLP sprayer with enough or more paint capacity

One of the best features of the best hvlp spray guns is having enough paint capacity, especially when you are working on large painting projects. An HVLP spray gun with a large paint capacity will allow you to finish the project in no time compared to sprayers with a small paint capacity where you need to refill it more often.

#4: Choose an HVLP spray gun that is compatible with various painting materials

An HVLP spray gun that can work on varieties of painting materials is cost-effective, convenient, and a worth-to-purchase feature.

Look for a paint sprayer that works efficiently on different finishing materials or formulas including, varnish, latex paints, stains, lacquers, and more. However, not all HVLP spray guns are designed to work with all types of painting materials. So, before purchasing an HVLP spray gun, you should read honest product reviews and find out if the sprayer is versatile enough.

#5: Choose an HVLP spray gun with its spare parts readily available  

No matter how durably built an HVLP spray gun is, there are inevitable instances that these guns would stop working due to various reasons, including damaged parts. So, when looking for the best HVLP spray gun, you also need to consider if the sprayer has spare parts readily available in the nearest store or online.

Final Thoughts

Always choose an HVLP spray gun that is durable, convenient to use, designed with useful features, versatile, have spare parts, and most importantly, packed with good customer reviews.