The Mad Titan: Facts about Thanos’ Body that Every Fan Should Know

Thanos wasn’t just a supervillain, he was one of the strongest Eternal-Deviant being in the Marvel verse. And there are several things you should know about the “Mad Titan”, including why he is powerful. 

There were three races that the Celestial beings were able to create out of Homo Erectus, the Wanderers of Earth: the humans, Eternals, and Deviants.

The humans, with their true-balanced structure and disposition, became the heirs of the planet earth.

The Eternals were known as the children of the Gods or the Celestials. They possess god-like strength and powers and are immune to time and death. The Deviants are classified as a failed experiment because they have mutated with an unstable genome. Deviants, having a monstrous appearance, are known as evil in Marvel-verse. And even though their DNA is destabilized, some Deviants mutate faster, smarter, and stronger than the human race.

Did you know that Thanos was born with the Deviant gene?

Although Thanos was born from both Titanian Eternals, Sui-san and Mentor (A’lars), he was born with Deviant Syndrome – a genetic predisposition amongst Eternals.

Thanos background was chaotic; different from his original race and with an unstable genome, Thanos was almost killed by his mother when he was a child. And even though he grew up as a peaceful young boy, he became dark and vengeful because of the discrimination he received from his family and the Eternal society.

Thanos became a Mad Titan and went against the Eternals. Also, he was driven to rebuild the universe by eliminating half of all races using the gauntlet.

Did you know that Thanos is stronger than every other Eternal, except for Kronos? Kronos is Thanos’ paternal grandfather and the former leader of the Eternals on the Earth.

What makes Thanos stronger and powerful than the Eternals?

It is time to explore Thanos’ body and understand why he is dubbed as the strongest character in MCU.

#1: His muscles

Despite several Deviants being weak, Thanos was bulkier and stronger than his enemies. And even though he was akin in strength and stamina with the Hulk, Thanos was able to bring him down.

#2: Skin color

Thanos’ purple-hued skin color is a representation that he has a Deviant gene.

#3: Defiance to death

Thanos avoided death several times, not just because he is immortal from his Eternal genes, but because he possesses high strength and stamina from his Eternal-Deviant DNA. Plus, he was smart enough to defy death in more than one way.

#4: His brain

Did you know that Thanos was able to beat the God of Mischief, Loki?

Loki, who was known for his ability to create illusions and tricky magic, was easily defeated by Thanos; this alone suffices why Thanos is one of the smartest beings in MCU.

Also, Thanos destroyed several heroes of the Avengers because of his effective plans, smart moves, and highly advanced weapons.

#5: He is fast

Although Thanos isn’t seen fast in MCU, his speed can beat the Silver Surfer in Marvel comics. Silver Surfer is a character from the Fantastic Four; he can travel faster than the speed of light. So, Thanos beating the Silver Surfer in speed makes the former faster than anyone in Marvel-verse.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Thanos is not only strong, but he is also highly intellectual, stronger, powerful, and highly driven being in MCU than the Eternals.