5 Marvel’s Thor Trivia Questions and Their Answers

Are you a new Marvel fan? Or are you a Marvel enthusiast looking for trivia questions for fun and games? Test your knowledge about Marvel’s Thor right here by answering these trivia questions.

Thor is one of the most loved Avengers in Marvel’s cinematic universe and comics. Most fans fell in love with his wit and humor. His character is relatable and aspirational, which probably is one of the reasons why no one can escape this admirable character.
Thor’s story began at Marvel Comics in 1950. He debuted on Marvel Comic’s Venus #11 issue, a character that immediately captured the attention of Marvel’s avid fans.
As a Thor fan, chances are you’ve got your collection of Thor merchandise. While you’re collecting the best Thor comics, merchandise, and many more, what do you know of this fantastic character? Could you answer these Thor trivia questions and say you’re a fan?

Question #1: Who is Thor?
Thor Odinson is based on the God of Thunder of Norse mythology. His character has long blond hair and blue eyes. Thor is recognizable by his helmet with wings and carries a magic hammer known as Mjolnir.
Thor inherited his power called the Odinforce from his father Odin, the king of Asgard. His character gained more power as he inherited the Odinforce. He fought for his people, protected them, and successfully defeated Asgard’s enemies with his power.

Question #2: Who were Thor’s Parents?
Thor is the son of the former king of Asgard, also referred to as the all-father. Odin is the first Asgardian son and a brother to Bor, Villi, and Ve. Odin was granted the Odinforce when he became Asgard’s king. Later he passed his power to Thor after he abdicated the throne.
Thor’s biological mother is Gaea, known as the mother god, goddess of the earth. Her identity as Thor’s mother was only revealed later when she healed his wounds from battle and pleads with Arishem.

Question #3: Where did Mjolnir Come From?
Mjolnir is the iconic hammer that holds Thor’s power. It was revealed in the first Thor film that the famous hammer was forged from a dying star.
The remains of a dead star sometimes collapse to form a neutron star. The neutron star can compress the sun’s mass, thereby forming a new matter. This new matter is called neutronium. It said from the movie that Mjolnir is made of neutronium, which explains its weight.

Question #4: What is the Name of Thor’s Alter-Ego?
In the early comic issue, Marvel created an alter-ego for Thor and named him Dr. Donald Blake. There was a time when Thor became arrogant. His behavior caused his banishment to the earth as a mortal. He lived at Earth as Dr. Donald Blake.

Question #5: Who was the Person Next to Thor to be Worthy of Mjolnir?
Beta Ray Bill is the first person next to Thor who is worthy of Mjolnir. He was a cyborg from Korbinites. He and Thor had a confrontation where Bill recognized Thor as an enemy and struck the latter causing him to gain Thor’s power. Odin transported them both to Asgard and put them to test. Bill won and received a hammer called Stormbreaker, which is similar to Mjolnir.

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