Advancement in knowledge and the evolution of music

Advancement in knowledge and the evolution of music

For any living organism, it is important to reproduce so to have continuity. For human beings, the younger generation ensures the continuity of mankind. Children are the future of tomorrow. A properly trained and educated generation is a good foundation for the world of tomorrow. This is why is why a lot of attention should be given to the upbringing of children. The young should be trained and taught properly to ensure that they can responsibly manage the world of tomorrow and that they can effectively pass on their knowledge to the next generation after them.

This passing on of knowledge and skills is very important in maintaining customs and cultures and it is also important in developing existing knowledge. For instance, man has been able to advance greatly in many aspects of life due to the ability of improving on the information or skills that have been handed down form the fore fathers.

A great of example of how man has continually advanced is in the evolution of music.

The music that man is practicing today is very much more advanced than what our ancestors a few years ago had. This is in all aspects of music. An area that has seen tremendous development is in the advancement of musical instruments. The musical instruments today, although many are fundamentally similar to the earlier instruments, are very advanced.

Man has managed to advance simple musical instruments such as the drum which was improved into the drum set we have. The simple flutes and trumpets of yesteryears are now developed into complex musical instruments that provide a wider range of richer sounds. The organ which was in itself a great invention of yesterday has now been improved into a simpler piano.

The advancement of technology has also been very instrumental in the advancement of our musical instruments. The invention of things such as electricity has contributed to massive leaps in innovation. For example, the grand piano was advanced into the digital piano and the keyboard of today. The keyboard is very much more versatile as compared to the ancient piano or organ. It is much simpler to carry around and it can provide all kinds of different sounds as compared to the singularity of the piano or organ.

Another instrument that has seen great changes with the growth in man’s creativity is the guitar. The guitar, and its other numerous variations is an instrument that was present many years ago in many diverse communities. However, within a very short time, during the innovation bloom of modern times, the guitar has been developed into a much more superior instrument. The major improvement was the move from the acoustic guitar to the electric guitar.

The electric guitar is an invention that took the music world by storm influencing how music was perceived. Today the modern music is hugely influenced by the sounds of the electric guitar. The acoustic guitar has however not faded away. The rich natural sounds of the strum of an acoustic guitar are still very much influential in today’s music.

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