Beauty Products Guide: Clarisonic vs Olay Facial Brushes

When washing your face regularly but still you get the feeling of your skin isn’t truly clean? Even with a great cleanser product – washing your face still leaves some dirt, grime, and dead skin and is because you are using the wrong product.

A facial brush is a good tool which is highly endorsed to add every woman’s skincare routine. It is designed specifically to help you from removing makeup, dead skin and dirt to leave a beautiful glowing skin to look younger. A facial brush is more effective than cleaning your face alone using washcloth, loofah or just your hands. It is easier to use as well as it can save you time on your daily skincare routine. It sometimes can be pricey but you will save a ton in the long run by reducing your need for facial care in an expensive beauty salon.

When choosing the best facial brush for you, there are a number of different options on the market that fit all skin types and budgets. If you’re not sure how to decide though, continue on for our in-depth guide for the best ones available in the current market.

Clarisonic vs Olay facial brushes

If you are looking for quality and professional grade facial brush then the Clarisonic facial brushes are a great choice. It is most recommended by dermatologists. It is available in various colors as well. The Clarisonic is suitable for all skin types and even to gentle to sensitive skin.

If you tried or heard the MIA1 Clarisonic and perhaps you might be wondering the difference between the two. The MIA1 has just one speed while the MIA2 has two speeds. This may not have a huge difference but it allows you to have a softer speed for more sensitive skin.

What great about MIA2 Clarisonic are that many different brush options to choose? With the 9 different brushes available the MIA2 can be used for all skincare needs. There are brushes for regular use for sensitive skin, deep cleansing and makeup blending rush.

Meanwhile, the Olay facial brushes are a great choice for a complete facial cleansing kit. It does not only have a great facial brush system but also has a microdermabrasion system too. It is clinically tested which allow you to have a facial cleansing routine together with the microdermabrasion system. It has three types of speed with the highest speed, obviously for the microdermabrasion system and a lower setting for perfect sensitive skin.

What’s included when you buy a ProX by Olay Microdermabrasion?

These include the following:

Aside from the ProX device, it includes the microdermabrasion foam head, the cleansing brush head, and the exfoliating renewal cleanser. Also, it has thermal crystal polisher and 2 AA batteries.

The ProX has various features of 3 speeds gentle, deep cleaning and microdermabrasion, water-resistant. It has 2 brush head – one for facial cleansing and the other for microdermabrasion.

Now you know the difference between the two, so take your pick and tell us which one you like?

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