Brainstorming for the ideal gift for my son’s 21st birthday

Brainstorming for the ideal gift for my son’s 21st birthday

My son will be turning 21 soon. As it is customary, the 21st birthday is usually a big deal. It is a major milestone in an individual’s life that indicates the entry into adult hood. As it is many times, this is a day that is hugely feted. It is especially a day for family.

I want to buy my son a special gift during his 21st birthday. I want to get him a gift that he will appreciate and forever remember. I am not keen on dates and I cannot promise to remember all his future birthday’s especially since he will most likely move away from home and as it is most of the time, out of sight, out of mind.

I was debating with my wife on the best gift to get him. At first, I had thought of buying him a cool watch but my wife reminded me that we had already bought him an expensive Rolex for his 18th birthday. I had completely forgotten about that.

I had then suggested buying some fancy clothing such as an expensive suit, a jacket, a hat, some designer shoes or something. My wife had however once again, and quite rightly so, discarded the idea saying that clothes were too temporal.

My son loves music very much. I think he picked that from me. I also love music but I am not as talented as he is. I noticed his love for music quite early when as a child he would be fascinated when I played the guitar. I had a Seagull S6 guitar that I was fond of playing many afternoons when I got home.

At first I had thought that his interest was just the eager curiosity of a child. However, he had persisted by trying to play the guitar himself. I eventually decided to buy him a small child sized guitar. I was afraid that he would damage my treasured guitar.

My son took to the guitar like a duck to water. I was impressed by how fast he grasped the things I taught him. That is when I realized that I had a great guitarist in the making. I continued to nurture his skills and even got him into a guitar school when he was a little older.

He continued to develop his musical talents and in the process he also learnt bass guitar which I had never been quite able to master. He had even gone ahead and learnt playing the piano very well. It was apparent that his talent spurned over many musical aspects.

Now as we discuss with my wife what to buy for our son for his 21st birthday, it is becoming obvious that the best gift to buy him would be a musical instrument. He already has an old acoustic guitar that he has had for a long time. We do not know if he would be willing to discard it for another. Finally we decided that a bass guitar would be an ideal present for him.

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