Dating Rules

No man is an island. Psychologists have conducted different studies and experiments with the goal of finding out the mystery of social connections in the past few years.  It is embedded on our genetic component the desire to associate. Man is a social being who wants to be accepted and nurtured. As a matter of fact, technological advancement of social media revolution is a testament that humans continuously yearn for social connections. Finding friends could be easy by adding lots on Facebook. Share your thoughts and be loud at Twitter. You could join different online groups that share your interests. You can find your next possible boyfriend at Tinder. Video call your family and friends with Skype. So far, social media revolution reflects every man’s desire to associate themselves with different affiliations and this advancement is far from extinction.

Every creature in the world wants to have company not just humans. As a matter of fact animals have their own manifestation of courtship also. It might be vicious for some animal species like the praying mantis that bites the head of its mate if she doesn’t like it. It could be simple as to the penguins that will give a rare rock to prospect female to win its approval from mating or could be a colorful dance of love of the peacock. Overall, courtship in the animal kingdom starts with the male doing some act and female reject or accept them based in their performance. That sounds quite easy. Humans however, have very complex stages of courtship and dating. It is not a simple formula compared to animals. It takes different approach and romantic gestures depending on the type of personality of the women he is attracted with. Every man needs to persevere if they want the right woman for their lives.  It is however still unclear of what are the boundaries between being just a close friend or you are already in a dating stage. What are the bases of dating? might be a useful site for you. It is a site that tackles all things about dating. It conveniently explained the stages of dating and defining boundaries in between of it. Readers could refer to some terminologies used in dating. The article could be everyone even if you are just starting dating or have just started again. It won’t really hurt to refer here for some refreshers on dating. Lastly, the site also points out the possible outcome of dating.

Humans and animals may somewhat have similarities with courtship. It is basically a male performance being judge by female counterparts if it is good enough for acceptance or not quite enough for rejections. The thing that sets us apart from animal is the intention I supposed. Animals court to find female they could mate therefore it is pure carnal desire. After that they could dump them and find another as that is their polygamous nature. As humans, however, courtship and dating is important in finding that special someone of our lives. People continuously find someone they have great connections and once they are sure that they are the one they settle down and spend their lifetime with them.

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