Different types of guitars and their functionalities

Different types of guitars and their functionalities

When I started off playing the guitar, I did not know much about them. All I knew was that all that a guitar was about was strumming the strings. This was when I was a little kid. I was however able to learn how to play the guitar albeit with slow progress since I was learning using my big brother’s guitar which was a bit too big for me. I could hardly wrap my hands around it and hold the chords properly.

As I continued to grow, my interest for playing the guitar did not diminish but it grew instead. When I was in my teens, I started attending guitar lessons to perfect my guitar playing skills. This is when I came to discover a whole new world about guitars.

One thing that I soon realized when I started taking guitar classes was the fact that not all guitars are the same. I had always been of the notion that the only differences that there were in guitars in terms of functionality was the obvious differences between electric guitars and acoustic guitars. The only other differences that I could perceive were the differences in the designs of the guitars. I however realized that within these main categories that there were also other many differences among individual types of guitars.

I realized that guitars were made by different guitar makers. Normally, each guitar maker had a unique thing about how he made his guitars. There were guitar manufactures that were known to produce very aesthetic guitars that had delicate designs and beauty.

Most importantly, I discovered that there were guitars that were designed with the quality of sound as the major consideration. Since I did not have a trained ear before, all guitar sounds were similar to me. After some training however, I realize that there were some guitars that produced better sounds than others.

Some of the manufactures concentrated on the feel of the guitar, how comfortable the guitar would be to handle.

This is where I learnt that there were guitars that were made with varying sizes to suit the player. I realized that there were guitars designed for kids and special guitars designed for women. Guitars that were designed for kids were made with smaller and lighter designs that would be convenient for a child to handle.

Guitars designed for ladies were also designed a bit smaller than the regular guitar and they were also lighter. The guitar strings were also sometimes not as thick as the regular guitars. Since some women many times wear light clothes or vest tops, the guitar strap for women guitars are sometimes fitted with delicate materials that cannot cut into skin.

I wished I had known about the child sized guitars during my early days when I would struggle with my brother’s huge guitar.

Other guitar manufactures concentrated on building guitars with specially made materials and shapes for other conveniences. For example there were guitars that were made especially for travel such as the Taylor GS mini.

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