Does the Size of Penis Matters?

The size of manhood is often off-topic for most men – a stigma that should never be discussed in public. According to a recent survey, several men have agreed that the size of the penis is an important factor to achieve sexual satisfaction for both sexes. But do women care about the size of the penis? In a recent study done at UCLA, researchers have found out that eighty-four percent of women have agreed with at least an average size of 6 inches in length would make them feel very satisfied. However, they also have pointed out that among the 84 percent respondents, 7 out of 8 women have agreed that the size does not really matter, they may feel very satisfied with the thought, but according to these women, they are more attracted to important variables such as bed performance, chemistry, personality, and attractiveness.

So, what went wrong? When it comes to sexual satisfaction, men are more worried than women, which is one of the reasons why men with a smaller size penis would feel anxious and depressed when it comes to sexuality. In fact, according to a study, 30 percent of men with smaller sized manhood are less likely to be part of any sexual activity. As a result, these men are overwhelmed with anxiety and less likely to be intimate with an opposite-sex, which is medically perceived as the “Small-Penis Syndrome”. Here are the top two reasons men find themselves unsatisfied with the size of their erect or non-erected manhood.

1. Fear of being rejected

There are several women who do not care about the size of the manhood but cares about the sexual performance; on the contrary, men anticipates and fears of being kissed-off just because of the size of their manhood.

2. Fear of making their partner sexually unsatisfied

One of the biggest fears of men during sex is being unable to make their partner reach orgasm; however, this misconception only puts most men with a small-sized penis into despair and celibate for the rest of their sexual life. The truth about orgasm does not rely on the size of the penis but on the sexual performance or flirting and teasing skills of men. Typically, most men think that when they hit the “G-Spot”, women become more aroused and will have a pleasurable orgasm.

However, according to studies, there is no specific area for G-Spot and what makes a woman sexually satisfied is how men will work on their sexual foreplay. Several women do not find the penis size an important factor to achieve sexual satisfaction. However, if you are one of those people who find confidence in having satisfactory size manhood, you read some male enhancement reviews to find the best male enhancing equipment and safe medication. Even though most people would never understand the stigma of having a bigger sized penis, it is every man’s right to feel confident in front of their woman during sex. In other words, bigger size for men does really matter, wherever most arguments would lead.

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