Fortnite Not Starting: Things You Should Do

One of the most common PC gaming problems that every gamer encounter is game launching error, where you won’t be able to start the game even after you have re-launched it a couple of times.

If you are currently having the same game error with Fortnite, specifically the latest seasons of Fortnite: Battle Royale, you are not alone; numerous gamers experience that too.

You can’t play Fortnite because you can’t get the Epic Games launcher to open – that’s for one thing. The second thing is that the error could be caused by either of the following:

  • Error state or servers

One of the errors that get the application stuck without any reason. Yes, there is no specific reason why this error happens; however, in most cases, error games that are unable to launch due to error state or servers are often resolved by rebooting or restarting the game.

  • Epic Games Server

Another possible reason why the Epic Games Launcher wouldn’t launch is because of the Epic Games’ server. The launcher will try to connect with the Epic Games’ server; if you can’t connect, it is probably because the server is unavailable or the launcher status is having a problem.

If the launcher status changes from busy to connect, this means that the problem is the Epic Games’ server and not its launcher. The very close solution with this technical issue is to wait or you can contact Epic Games’ customer support to solve epic games launcher error. If in case you are waiting for the customer support’s reply, you can read reliable posts from a reliable website like Fortnite Nexus’ to get additional details on how to solve such error.

  • Antivirus

Yes; Epic Games Launcher is not excluded on your Antivirus’ list (pretending it has a list); it will take the launcher as unknown and could pose a risk, which prevents the Epic Game Launcher to open or start.

If the issue is your anti-virus, here are the things that you need to do:

#1: Disable the Antivirus program

One of the primary purposes of an Antivirus system is to block both risky and non-risky applications from automatic installation. To enable the Epic Games Launcher, you have to disable the Antivirus program; here’s a simple step for most antivirus applications:

o    Right-click the antivirus icon

o    Select the antivirus control

o    Choose the appropriate time on how long you want to disable the antivirus

#2:  End the Task Epic Games Launcher

If you have tried disabling the antivirus but you are still unable to launch the Epic Game Launcher, your next option is to end the task of Epic Games Launcher at the Task Manager. Then, simply reboot or restart the launcher; here is how:

o    Hold the hotkeys CTRL, SHIFT, and Esc to have your Task Manager open.

o    Look for the Epic Game Launcher on the list and click it.

o    Click “end task”.

o    Lastly, you may close the Task Manager window.

There are other easy ways to make the Epic Games Launcher work; however, if you are still unable to start the game due to launcher error, do not hesitate to contact Epic Games’ customer support or read reliable posts from a reliable website like Fortnite Nexus.

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