Four Qualities of a Good Subwoofer

What are the qualities of a good subwoofer? Learn the key qualities of a subwoofer to guarantee a good surround sound investment.

A home theater system consists of a center speaker, front speakers, and rear speakers. Though these main speakers have paramount importance in reproducing sound, they only recreate mid to high frequencies. Here is when the subwoofer comes in.
The primary function of a subwoofer is to reproduce low-frequency sounds from sub-bass to bass frequencies. These sounds range from 20Hz to 100Hz, which are inaudible to human hearing. Moreover, subwoofers make you feel the audio. It makes the music and sound effects clearer and deeper.
Thus, as you look for a home theater system or a subwoofer to buy, make sure to find one with the best quality. And what makes a good subwoofer? You’ll find it out below.

What are the Key Qualities of a Good Subwoofer? 
When looking for a subwoofer to buy, it is important to know what you’re searching for. Here are the main qualities of a good subwoofer that you should never miss.

#1 Accuracy
Accuracy in frequency response is one of the most significant factors when it comes to subwoofers. Beware that not all subwoofers in the market are capable of accurate frequency response. Usually, subwoofers with this quality come at a higher price.
A sub with poor frequency response is unable of reproducing accurate low frequencies. The sound they recreate is lacking and you can’t hear most of them. On the other hand, a subwoofer with an accurate frequency response can reproduce extremely low frequencies without distortion and noise. The sound is clear, making you ‘feel’ the music.

#2 Produces Low Frequencies at High Volume
If you try to maximize the volume of a surround sound, a poor-quality subwoofer will fail in recreating solid and clear bass. The audio feels scattered and hollow. Moreover, it becomes distorted that the bass becomes inaudible.
A high-quality subwoofer can reproduce a heart-thumping bass even at maximum volume without having distortions. The reason why some subwoofers fail in recreating bass in higher volume is due to less powerful drivers. A good subwoofer consists of more powerful drivers that can handle even the lowest octaves regardless of the volume. As an example, you can check out this review to learn more about subwoofers with powerful drivers.

#3 Crossover Frequency Option
A crossover refers to an electric circuit that limits the amount of audio frequency that travels to the speaker. Generally, subwoofers crossovers contain two filters; one for low pass, and another for high pass.
Any high-quality subwoofer consists of a crossover frequency of around 100Hz. However, for those who are new to subwoofers, experts suggest setting the crossover at 10Hz, especially when you’re unaware of the sub’s frequency range. But for subs with crossover frequency that can reach up to 100Hz, you can maximize the crossover setting. This will give you trembling deeper bass.

#4 Blends with Speakers
When you buy a subwoofer with a different brand or model from the main speakers, chances are it won’t blend nicely with the latter. Also, it is cost-wise to buy a set of home theater system than to buy each unit separately.
However, high-quality subs blend regardless of the main speaker’s brand and model. You can look for examples of these subs on this source.

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