Gift Ideas for Stranger Things Super Fans

What gift to buy for a Stranger Things super fan? This awesome list shows unique Stranger Things gifts that a fan would immensely appreciate. 

Stranger Things is a television-format series by The Duffer Brothers. It began airing in Netflix Original Series on July 15, 2016. Currently, the series has four seasons, which are all a global massive success.

Stranger Things is a supernatural drama with science fiction – a genre that appeals to most young adults and adults. Moreover, the fantastic acting of the cast, its cinematography, and its overall production are a few of several reasons behind its undeniable success. Every episode is a treat to watch. It is no wonder many became a fan of the series.

If you are looking for a gift to buy a Stranger Things superfan, worry not! Below are some unique gift ideas to help you find the ‘one gift for your Stranger Things fan.

A Tour Gift 

No fan of the series would dare say no to a Stranger Things tour. Although it is a bit expensive, you can guarantee the smile on their faces, and you’re gifting them one of the best memorable things in their life.

The fictional town of Hawkins is set in Indiana. However, no scene of the series was filmed in the place. Stranger Things was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

The filming locations of Stranger Things are quite easy to find due to their popularity, which makes it quite convenient. But if you’re not familiar with the routes, it’ll be a big hassle and you will often find yourself caught in traffic congestions.

To make the tour easier and more convenient, you can book a Private Stranger Things Film Locations Tour in Atlanta, which is available on tour sites like Viator. The filming locations are broken into five regions of Atlanta. It is best to begin from the nearest region down to last.

A Stranger Things Merchandise

It is a dream of any fan to fill their shelves with collectibles from their favorite artist, series, or character. And no doubt, if the person you’re a gift for is a fan of the series, you won’t go wrong with Stranger Things merchandise.

The series has a wide collection of merchandise varying from apparel, board games, puzzles, and many more. If you are wondering which one to choose, a good way to start is to find out the merchandise which the person desires. For example, if he loves puzzles, Stranger things Monopoly Collector’s Edition won’t disappoint. If the person likes collecting action figures, you can find several action figures of characters like Demogorgon. There are also practical options like Stranger Things hoodies, shirts, and caps.

Stranger Things merchandise is available at online stores and physical ones. But beware for some of them are mimic of the authentic product. Make sure to buy the original Stranger Things merchandise to guarantee quality.

A Subscription for All Season

Watching the series is not free. It requires a subscription to Netflix Originals. Then, why not gift the person a subscription to all four seasons? The person will certainly love the gift if he is not subscribed to non-Netflix. Moreover, such a gift is convenient. All you have to do is buy him the monthly subscription or even a year’s worth of subscription fee.

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