My extraordinarily memorable and enlightening vacation in Kenya

My extraordinarily memorable and enlightening vacation in Kenya

Africa is a beautiful continent. I have had the pleasure of visiting the continent twice and I never seem to have enough. My first visit was to South Africa and the second recent visit was to Kenya in East Africa. I have visited many other continents and many countries with great tourist attractions but there is something about the natural untarnished wilds of Africa that has a special effect on the depths of my adventurous soul.

During my recent visit to Africa, I had the luxury of having a lot of time. I had three whole weeks that I could spare. I dedicated the whole duration to thoroughly traversing through the country, viewing all the physical attraction, experiencing the fine weather, and learning more about life in this sub Saharan country.

Usually, when I go on vacation, I choose one particular destination and concentrate all my efforts to enjoying all the attractions in the place. I hate visiting a place and flying away knowing that there are some places I have not visited. Many times this has happened due to short vacations. Luckily this time I had quite some time on my hand.

When I got to Kenya, I had already booked a hotel in Nairobi, the capital city, where I was to be picked by my guide who would take me around the country. I had picked one of the most recommended guides and so I was positive about getting a great time.

Kenya is a country with many attractions and I had the pleasure of traversing across the vast savannahs and dense jungles to see some of the top attractions in the tropical country. Among the things that I really wanted to see; top on the list was watching the great Serengeti wildebeest migration. This natural wonder of the world was something that I had wanted to see for a long time and it was the chief reason that I had timed my vacation for this time.

I was able to watch other amazing wild animals in Kenya. I was able to see the big five i.e. the elephant, the rhino, the buffalo, the leopard, and the lion. I also wanted to see other animals such as the tall giraffe and the superfast cheetah. I was able to view these animals in their natural habitat and to witness some real time hunting action.

I travelled down to the fun filled coast of Kenya where I got visit the ancient towns of Mombasa, Lamu, and Malindi. I also visited the highlands of Mount Kenya and the Great Rift Valley where I got to view beautiful pink flamingoes at Lake Nakuru.

This last vacation was especially a great experience for me since during the trip I was able to discover my talent for playing the guitar. Among the group I was travelling with, there was a gentleman who had a Taylor GS mini guitar which he would play for us. He was very good and he fascinated me with his skill. Intrigued I asked him to show me how he did it. He kindly showed me some of the basics of playing the guitar.

Within those few days in the warm serene lands of Africa, I fell in love with the guitar.

My extraordinarily memorable and enlightening vacation in Kenya Credit Picture License: Impala, Nairobi National Park via photopin cc