Our shared interests make us the perfect couple

Our shared interests make us the perfect couple

My wife and I are the perfect couple… or rather, that is what we believe. Ever since we met, about seven years ago, our love for each other has never decreased but has instead seemed to grow stronger and stronger. Our two lovely children are a great addition to the family. That, I guess, then makes us the perfect family.

Love between two people is usually based on a mutual feeling of attraction between two people. The feeling of attraction between the two individuals is however not sufficient to guarantee longevity of the relationship. It is important that the two persons share some common interests, interests that they can both engage together in and enjoy.

Many times, two people may be attracted to each other but they may like or enjoy doing very different things. This means that they will hardly enjoy doing the same thing. For example, one partner may love traveling while the other loves watching movies. Such a scenario is likely create friction. While travelling, one person will be having the time of their life while the other person will be bored to death. The same will happen when they are watching a movie only vice versa.

Eventually, partners in such a couple will start doing things separately. Each person will indulge in their interests in the absence of the other partner. Gradually this will create a lift as more time is spent apart.

Luckily for me and my wife we have many interests that we have in common. Chief among them is the love for music. My wife and I love music so much. Luckily, music is something that can be enjoyed in many places at all kinds of times and while doing all kinds of activities.

We are also both reasonably talented in music. Our singing voices are especially compatible. We often sing at church where the congregation loves our singing. We have recorded many songs together. Apart from singing, we are also talented in playing musical instruments. My wife is very good at the piano while I am quite good at the guitar.

I have an old Epiphone Dr-100 guitar that I have had ever since I was a bachelor. This durable acoustic guitar has very good sound quality. I have with time developed a strong bond with the instrument.

Of late I have started teaching my wife how to play the guitar using it and I hope this will be another interest that we will come to share. She has insisted that I also learn the piano which I have gradually begun to grasp.

Before the children came along, we had been thinking of starting a musical group and touring the country just singing. We had even bought an amplifier that we could use for our road trips. Our dream had been that we could slowly become famous and sing into our old age. The dream is not yet dead; but we have to first dedicate some time to raising our two boys. Maybe they might even join us and we can become one big family musical group.

Our shared interests make us the perfect couple Credit Picture License: Abraham & Johvanna – Ring via photopin cc