Different types of guitars and their functionalities

Different types of guitars and their functionalities

When I started off playing the guitar, I did not know much about them. All I knew was that all that a guitar was about was strumming the strings. This was when I was a little kid. I was however able to learn how to play the guitar albeit with slow progress since I was learning using my big brother’s guitar which was a bit too big for me. I could hardly wrap my hands around it and hold the chords properly.

As I continued to grow, my interest for playing the guitar did not diminish but it grew instead. When I was in my teens, I started attending guitar lessons to perfect my guitar playing skills. This is when I came to discover a whole new world about guitars.

One thing that I soon realized when I started taking guitar classes was the fact that not all guitars are the same. I had always been of the notion that the only differences that there were in guitars in terms of functionality was the obvious differences between electric guitars and acoustic guitars. The only other differences that I could perceive were the differences in the designs of the guitars. I however realized that within these main categories that there were also other many differences among individual types of guitars.

I realized that guitars were made by different guitar makers. Normally, each guitar maker had a unique thing about how he made his guitars. There were guitar manufactures that were known to produce very aesthetic guitars that had delicate designs and beauty.

Most importantly, I discovered that there were guitars that were designed with the quality of sound as the major consideration. Since I did not have a trained ear before, all guitar sounds were similar to me. After some training however, I realize that there were some guitars that produced better sounds than others.

Some of the manufactures concentrated on the feel of the guitar, how comfortable the guitar would be to handle.

This is where I learnt that there were guitars that were made with varying sizes to suit the player. I realized that there were guitars designed for kids and special guitars designed for women. Guitars that were designed for kids were made with smaller and lighter designs that would be convenient for a child to handle.

Guitars designed for ladies were also designed a bit smaller than the regular guitar and they were also lighter. The guitar strings were also sometimes not as thick as the regular guitars. Since some women many times wear light clothes or vest tops, the guitar strap for women guitars are sometimes fitted with delicate materials that cannot cut into skin.

I wished I had known about the child sized guitars during my early days when I would struggle with my brother’s huge guitar.

Other guitar manufactures concentrated on building guitars with specially made materials and shapes for other conveniences. For example there were guitars that were made especially for travel such as the Taylor GS mini.

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Our shared interests make us the perfect couple

Our shared interests make us the perfect couple

My wife and I are the perfect couple… or rather, that is what we believe. Ever since we met, about seven years ago, our love for each other has never decreased but has instead seemed to grow stronger and stronger. Our two lovely children are a great addition to the family. That, I guess, then makes us the perfect family.

Love between two people is usually based on a mutual feeling of attraction between two people. The feeling of attraction between the two individuals is however not sufficient to guarantee longevity of the relationship. It is important that the two persons share some common interests, interests that they can both engage together in and enjoy.

Many times, two people may be attracted to each other but they may like or enjoy doing very different things. This means that they will hardly enjoy doing the same thing. For example, one partner may love traveling while the other loves watching movies. Such a scenario is likely create friction. While travelling, one person will be having the time of their life while the other person will be bored to death. The same will happen when they are watching a movie only vice versa.

Eventually, partners in such a couple will start doing things separately. Each person will indulge in their interests in the absence of the other partner. Gradually this will create a lift as more time is spent apart.

Luckily for me and my wife we have many interests that we have in common. Chief among them is the love for music. My wife and I love music so much. Luckily, music is something that can be enjoyed in many places at all kinds of times and while doing all kinds of activities.

We are also both reasonably talented in music. Our singing voices are especially compatible. We often sing at church where the congregation loves our singing. We have recorded many songs together. Apart from singing, we are also talented in playing musical instruments. My wife is very good at the piano while I am quite good at the guitar.

I have an old Epiphone Dr-100 guitar that I have had ever since I was a bachelor. This durable acoustic guitar has very good sound quality. I have with time developed a strong bond with the instrument.

Of late I have started teaching my wife how to play the guitar using it and I hope this will be another interest that we will come to share. She has insisted that I also learn the piano which I have gradually begun to grasp.

Before the children came along, we had been thinking of starting a musical group and touring the country just singing. We had even bought an amplifier that we could use for our road trips. Our dream had been that we could slowly become famous and sing into our old age. The dream is not yet dead; but we have to first dedicate some time to raising our two boys. Maybe they might even join us and we can become one big family musical group.

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Brainstorming for the ideal gift for my son’s 21st birthday

Brainstorming for the ideal gift for my son’s 21st birthday

My son will be turning 21 soon. As it is customary, the 21st birthday is usually a big deal. It is a major milestone in an individual’s life that indicates the entry into adult hood. As it is many times, this is a day that is hugely feted. It is especially a day for family.

I want to buy my son a special gift during his 21st birthday. I want to get him a gift that he will appreciate and forever remember. I am not keen on dates and I cannot promise to remember all his future birthday’s especially since he will most likely move away from home and as it is most of the time, out of sight, out of mind.

I was debating with my wife on the best gift to get him. At first, I had thought of buying him a cool watch but my wife reminded me that we had already bought him an expensive Rolex for his 18th birthday. I had completely forgotten about that.

I had then suggested buying some fancy clothing such as an expensive suit, a jacket, a hat, some designer shoes or something. My wife had however once again, and quite rightly so, discarded the idea saying that clothes were too temporal.

My son loves music very much. I think he picked that from me. I also love music but I am not as talented as he is. I noticed his love for music quite early when as a child he would be fascinated when I played the guitar. I had a Seagull S6 guitar that I was fond of playing many afternoons when I got home.

At first I had thought that his interest was just the eager curiosity of a child. However, he had persisted by trying to play the guitar himself. I eventually decided to buy him a small child sized guitar. I was afraid that he would damage my treasured guitar.

My son took to the guitar like a duck to water. I was impressed by how fast he grasped the things I taught him. That is when I realized that I had a great guitarist in the making. I continued to nurture his skills and even got him into a guitar school when he was a little older.

He continued to develop his musical talents and in the process he also learnt bass guitar which I had never been quite able to master. He had even gone ahead and learnt playing the piano very well. It was apparent that his talent spurned over many musical aspects.

Now as we discuss with my wife what to buy for our son for his 21st birthday, it is becoming obvious that the best gift to buy him would be a musical instrument. He already has an old acoustic guitar that he has had for a long time. We do not know if he would be willing to discard it for another. Finally we decided that a bass guitar would be an ideal present for him.

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Tips to consider when shopping for musical equipment

Tips to consider when shopping for musical equipment

Shopping for anything is an activity that everyone needs to confront guardedly, especially if you are buying costly stuff. Since not all of us are billionaires who can comfortably discard things which we recently bought and do not like any more, we have to be careful especially when buying stuff that is intended for the long run.

Shopping for most items requires an almost similar approach. This is the same approach we use to buy groceries and other common day to day stuff. However, there are some items that require unique detailed considerations. A good example is shopping for musical equipment.

When shopping for musical equipment, just like when shopping for most other things, information is a major requirement. You need detailed information of what you need to buy.

For example, if you need to buy amplifiers, you need to know what kind of amplifiers you need. There are amplifiers that specially made for microphones, there are amplifiers made for the guitar, and there are amplifiers that are made for multipurpose uses. Among these categories of amplifiers, there are also other sub categories that will narrow down to individual specific needs.

If you need a mic preamp for the sole purpose of amplifying the sounds from two or three microphones, you do not need to buy a pre amp that has other extra functions such as tube pre amplifiers which are typically meant for guitars. You might not also need a pre amp that has extra features such as complicated equalizers. These additional features will only make the amplifier much more expensive and you might never use these extra features.

You also need to know where and how you are going to use the appliance. This will help you to know what kind of power output to look for. Buying a small or low output amplifier to use for a live event will not do, neither would you want to buy a high output equipment for a small room.

These considerations should also be followed when you are shopping for musical instruments such as keyboards and electric guitars. These advanced musical instruments usually come with different functionalities. For example, modern keyboards are built with various unique designs and functionalities.

There are keyboards that are designed to allow one to record music as it is being played while others do not have this functionality. Also the capacity to hold the recorded music within the keyboard may vary between different keyboards. You need to know what functionalities you need before choosing a keyboard or any other musical equipment.

When shopping for musical equipment, you should also lookout for the differences in the qualities of the music appliances in the market. Not all appliances have the same quality and some will produce better quality sounds and will have better performance than others.

One also needs to consider the durability of the appliance. There are musical equipment that are built with better craftsmanship and better materials than others. Equipment with better quality will usually be more durable and reliable. Better quality equipment will however usually cost more than low quality equipment.

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Advancement in knowledge and the evolution of music

Advancement in knowledge and the evolution of music

For any living organism, it is important to reproduce so to have continuity. For human beings, the younger generation ensures the continuity of mankind. Children are the future of tomorrow. A properly trained and educated generation is a good foundation for the world of tomorrow. This is why is why a lot of attention should be given to the upbringing of children. The young should be trained and taught properly to ensure that they can responsibly manage the world of tomorrow and that they can effectively pass on their knowledge to the next generation after them.

This passing on of knowledge and skills is very important in maintaining customs and cultures and it is also important in developing existing knowledge. For instance, man has been able to advance greatly in many aspects of life due to the ability of improving on the information or skills that have been handed down form the fore fathers.

A great of example of how man has continually advanced is in the evolution of music.

The music that man is practicing today is very much more advanced than what our ancestors a few years ago had. This is in all aspects of music. An area that has seen tremendous development is in the advancement of musical instruments. The musical instruments today, although many are fundamentally similar to the earlier instruments, are very advanced.

Man has managed to advance simple musical instruments such as the drum which was improved into the drum set we have. The simple flutes and trumpets of yesteryears are now developed into complex musical instruments that provide a wider range of richer sounds. The organ which was in itself a great invention of yesterday has now been improved into a simpler piano.

The advancement of technology has also been very instrumental in the advancement of our musical instruments. The invention of things such as electricity has contributed to massive leaps in innovation. For example, the grand piano was advanced into the digital piano and the keyboard of today. The keyboard is very much more versatile as compared to the ancient piano or organ. It is much simpler to carry around and it can provide all kinds of different sounds as compared to the singularity of the piano or organ.

Another instrument that has seen great changes with the growth in man’s creativity is the guitar. The guitar, and its other numerous variations is an instrument that was present many years ago in many diverse communities. However, within a very short time, during the innovation bloom of modern times, the guitar has been developed into a much more superior instrument. The major improvement was the move from the acoustic guitar to the electric guitar.

The electric guitar is an invention that took the music world by storm influencing how music was perceived. Today the modern music is hugely influenced by the sounds of the electric guitar. The acoustic guitar has however not faded away. The rich natural sounds of the strum of an acoustic guitar are still very much influential in today’s music.

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Differences between guitar tube amplifiers and solid state amplifiers

Differences between guitar tube amplifiers and solid state amplifiers

To be able to learn how to play a musical instrument one has to know all the intricate details of the device. For example, if you are playing the guitar, you need to have thorough knowledge of the different strings on the guitar, their positions, and the sounds they produce. You then have to know the different sounds that they produce when the holding frets in different positions. You also need to know how to handle the guitar itself. You need to know how to tune the instrument and how to store and carry the instrument.

Different categories of similar musical instruments are played in different ways and produce different sounds. Going back to the example of the guitar, there are many types of guitars and each of them has a unique quality that makes it stand out. The obvious differences between guitar categories are the differences between acoustic and electric guitars.

Acoustic guitars produce sound by amplifying sound through air while electric guitars depend on electrical technology to amplify the vibrational sounds of the guitar strings. Acoustic guitars have distinct differences in their designs and the materials that are used to make each guitar. These differences usually lead to major differences in the quality of sound produced by the guitar.

Amongst electric guitars, amplification is very important since it would be impossible to produce proper sound without electronic amplification. As such, to play the electric guitar, you need to have an amplifier. During the early days, guitarists used tube amplifiers to boost their sound. Later solid state amplifiers were introduced.

Solid state amplifiers amplify the sound through the use of electoral technology that depends on gadgets such as diodes and transistors. Solid state amplifiers are usually much cheaper to buy and maintain. They are also smaller and easy to carry around. They are more reliable than tube amplifiers.

Tube amplifiers however have the distinct advantage of being able to produce much better quality and more range. They are able to output louder sounds and they are able to manage clipping better. Experienced guitar maestros prefer the tube or valve amplifiers because of the smooth warmer sounds that they produce as compared to the mechanical sound produced by solid state amplifiers.

Many of the small time musicians or budding musicians who travel a lot for example rock bands on a road tour will normally prefer the solid state guitar amps because they are more affordable and they are more resilient. During musical tours the musical equipment is likely to be exposed rough treatment and a tube amplifier will get damaged easily. However, if the tour has personnel that is responsible for proper care of the appliances, a tube amplifier can be carried along.

One has to also remember that the upkeep of a tube amplifier is expensive. The tubes or amplifiers will occasionally need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

There are some guitar amplifiers that are hybrid builds since they employ some tube or valve technology and some solid state amplifier transistor technologies.

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Choosing a profession and music careers

Choosing a profession and music careers

Choosing a profession in life is a delicate process that should be approached carefully with patience and soberness. Your career will in most cases take up most of the time in your adult life. Considering that the average man dedicates at least eight hours of at least five days in a week to his or her career, this shows that most of one’s productive time is spent working. Some people spend much more time than this on their careers.

One’s career is very important since the career or the job is what helps one to make some money to survive on. Without working, one cannot earn any money and therefore one cannot afford important basic things such as food, proper housing, proper clothes, transportation, and other day to day necessities.

Despite the importance of getting a job or developing a career, it is important to be choosy when choosing what you want to do for a living. Many times people are forced to rush into working due to the needs of life. Many people who rush into jobs simply because they want to make some money end up living miserable lives because after a short time the work that they are doing starts becoming unpleasant and monotonous and it becomes a daily struggle for the individual to go through a whole day working. Since they still desperately need the money that the job provides, they have to persevere.

The best approach when choosing a job is to get a job that you love. A job that you can comfortably tackle day in day out and still find it enjoyable or rewarding. To identify such a job you need to first identify your likes and dislikes. Get a job that involves doing things that you like and avoid jobs that have aspects you dislike.

For example, a good job would be a job that involves an activity that is your hobby. For example, people who have a passion for music and they possess some skills such as playing a musical instrument, singing, composing, producing, or any other music related skill should consider pursuing a career in music.

Apart from musical careers that are dependent on natural skills, there are other music careers that are related to music and do not necessarily require any natural gifts. For example, you might get a job selling musical instruments. This is a great business. There is always some demand for musical instruments such as guitars, keyboards, drums, flutes and violins.

An individual might decide to specialize on selling a particular musical instrument or they may sell a variety of them. This could conveniently be done by having a store in a strategic location or selling online.

Apart from selling musical instruments, one can also venture into selling and dealing with musical appliances. This includes musical and sound appliances such as amplifiers, microphones, loud speakers, pre amps, and other musical or sound appliances.

Musical careers are very many and they are very rewarding depending on how skilled you are and how much you put into the work in terms of effort.

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Preventive Dentistry for Music Industry Professionals

Preventive Dentistry for Music Industry Professionals

Preventive dental and oral health care is a requirement for everyone, whatever the age or background. Everyone benefits from this health care service, but there are two categories of patients that can get the best out of preventive dentistry. First, it can work for children, since the service can help protect and promote the development of their teeth. Second, preventive dentistry work like a charm for professionals, especially the people-facing professionals. Since it is part of their job description to face the customers or face an audience, it is important to have a healthy and clean-looking set of teeth. Just take the case of musicians and music professionals- as busy professionals who regularly interact with a large audience, it pays to understand the value of signing up for preventive dentistry.

Start by Regularly Brushing and Flossing your Teeth

Caring for your teeth need not be expensive, and it’s possible through some basic steps in preventive dentistry. The most basic step is something that you do daily, and should be continued without fail- brushing of teeth. This is the most critical component of preventive dentistry. It can become more effective if a toothpaste with fluoride approved and proven safe by the American Dental Association or ADA. Don’t forget to brush your tongue since it can help take out the bacteria, and can also make your breath fresh. Regular flossing can go a long way in removing dirt and bacteria. To make it effective, you should know the best and recommended ways on how to floss your teeth. On your next visit to the dentist, ask the best way on how to regularly floss the teeth.

Schedule a Visit to the Dentist

Even if you are a busy musician or music industry professional, it’s still best to find time and visit a dentist. Experts recommend visiting a dentist once a year for a general dental and oral exam. If you are at a high risk of developing dental problems, then you’ll need to schedule regular visits to the dentist. You should also schedule an immediate visit if you notice some problems, including clenching jaw or teeth. Also known as bruxism, or teeth grinding, this problem is common and normally associated with stress. As a musician, you’ll to need manage stress, and find treatment immediately, like a mouth guard.

If you are suffering from this condition, you may need to make some sacrifices and these sacrifices can be painful since you are working in a pressure-packed music industry. For example, dental professionals recommend avoiding stress, and increasing the amount of time spent in meditation and exercise. Stimulants like nicotine, alcohol and caffeine should be avoided as well. If tours and concerts are defined by smoking, drinking and late-night partying, then all these should be discarded to end bruxism.

Preventive dentistry will not only prevent certain diseases and dental issues like tooth decay and enamel loss. It can also help provide you the confidence to face the crowd during concerts and performances.

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Music Interventions Now Popular Among Dental Health Practitioners

Music Interventions Now Popular Among Dental Health Practitioners

The power of music is no longer just confined in entertainment and for personal exploration and expression. Today, medical professionals and health experts appreciate the benefits and help that can be provided by music in the field of health care delivery and the promotion of wellness. For a start, music is seen as the best way to address anxiety and stress. Individuals who are stressed the demands of work or life will often turn on the music player and play their favorite music. For others who want to have a restful sleep, playing classical music is considered the best approach to relaxation. For others, music is used to aid memory and boost productivity. Music is played by students to boost memory and for motivation. But there’s one more critical use of music that’s been enjoyed by patients and the general population- for oral health care.

Music for Pain Management

The delivery of health care particular dental and oral care can be a problem for many children and patients. When it comes to oral and health care, children and some adults immediately think of pain and stress that come with the services. With this issue, some researches and studies have looked at the potential value of music when it comes to pain management, and the results were promising.  According to experts, music can help reduce or manage pain. Some researches focused on fibromyalgia, which is associated with musculoskeletal pain and surgery. Based on the studies made, it was found out that the use of music can help reduce the pain.

Music to Reduce Dental Anxiety

Music is also seen as a tool for many dentists and hygienists to keep their patients and clients relaxed during visits or during dental procedures. Even if the person is simply at the dental office for check-up of possible bruxism, fear and anxiety often define the visit. The level of fear and anxiety often increases depending on the kind of dental procedure that will be made on the patient. A basic fitting of a mouth guard may cause some anxiety, but tooth extraction will come with extreme fear and anxiety. This is where playing of music like classical music helps the dental practice. The clinic and hospital administration can stream classical or relaxing music in the dentist’s office to set a relaxing mood, and keep patients relaxed. Certain songs can be played as well during the actual procedure to minimize pain. Even at home, music can also be used to promote oral health practices among kids. Music and videos can be played to motivate them to get into regular brushing of the teeth.

Wherever it’s used, music can provide an effective distraction to entertain patients and children. It can also be used to create a relaxing environment, and take the attention away from the actual procedures and the pain that comes with it. If you haven’t tried the powers of music, then now is the best time to do it.

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Building a show promotion career

show promoterIn the music industry, the most popular and well-known people are usually the artists themselves, followed after a reasonable distance by the music producers whose names also often appear on the tracks. These two categories of people make a lot of money from the industry, but another less known career where people tend to rake in the cash when they know what they are doing is show promotion.

As the name implies, the career has to do with shows, which could be concerts or any other kind of event where an artist or a group of them will be billed to perform. The name only says promotion, and that is somewhat misleading, because while it is indeed part of the duties of a show promoter to promote and create awareness for an upcoming event, that is only one part of his activities.

As a show promoter, you will be in charge of the entire process of planning a concert, deciding which artists will be performing and getting them to agree, organizing the venue and equipment for the best quality performances, security and publicity for the programme.

In order to be reasonably certain of success in the career, you will ideally have some sort of experience in the industry, in one capacity or the other. This could be that you had been an artist at one point in time, an agent, a producer or any other job that allowed you to network extensively and get an array of contacts in various areas of the industry.

The prospects in the career are big, and when it comes to the financial aspects, the promoter who organized a concert is likely to make more money from it than the artists who perform. This depends on your negotiating power, and how many people you are able to get to attend and pay the ticket fee for the concert. If you do your work well enough and there is a sell-out, meaning that the capacity of the concert venue is fully booked, then you will definitely make a whole lot of money. With the technological advances in recent times, a show promoter will not have to only rely on the physical takings; you will also be able to get money from live-streams and other digital monetization systems.

The most important thing in having a successful show promotion career is having a network of people who you are on good terms with in the industry and whom you will be able to call on to do you favors. These favors would be very important when it comes to things like booking a venue or a client for a lower price than normal, thereby increasing your own profit margins. You will also need goodwill when you want certain celebrities to be present at your concerts in order to book ticket sales.

Another thing you will need to have in order to build a successful career is Charisma, both online and offline, meaning that you should be able to build publicity for your events using the traditional methods and social media. You could always give this job out though, but it’s always best if you are able to do a significant part of it yourself.