Music Interventions Now Popular Among Dental Health Practitioners

Music Interventions Now Popular Among Dental Health Practitioners

The power of music is no longer just confined in entertainment and for personal exploration and expression. Today, medical professionals and health experts appreciate the benefits and help that can be provided by music in the field of health care delivery and the promotion of wellness. For a start, music is seen as the best way to address anxiety and stress. Individuals who are stressed the demands of work or life will often turn on the music player and play their favorite music. For others who want to have a restful sleep, playing classical music is considered the best approach to relaxation. For others, music is used to aid memory and boost productivity. Music is played by students to boost memory and for motivation. But there’s one more critical use of music that’s been enjoyed by patients and the general population- for oral health care.

Music for Pain Management

The delivery of health care particular dental and oral care can be a problem for many children and patients. When it comes to oral and health care, children and some adults immediately think of pain and stress that come with the services. With this issue, some researches and studies have looked at the potential value of music when it comes to pain management, and the results were promising.  According to experts, music can help reduce or manage pain. Some researches focused on fibromyalgia, which is associated with musculoskeletal pain and surgery. Based on the studies made, it was found out that the use of music can help reduce the pain.

Music to Reduce Dental Anxiety

Music is also seen as a tool for many dentists and hygienists to keep their patients and clients relaxed during visits or during dental procedures. Even if the person is simply at the dental office for check-up of possible bruxism, fear and anxiety often define the visit. The level of fear and anxiety often increases depending on the kind of dental procedure that will be made on the patient. A basic fitting of a mouth guard may cause some anxiety, but tooth extraction will come with extreme fear and anxiety. This is where playing of music like classical music helps the dental practice. The clinic and hospital administration can stream classical or relaxing music in the dentist’s office to set a relaxing mood, and keep patients relaxed. Certain songs can be played as well during the actual procedure to minimize pain. Even at home, music can also be used to promote oral health practices among kids. Music and videos can be played to motivate them to get into regular brushing of the teeth.

Wherever it’s used, music can provide an effective distraction to entertain patients and children. It can also be used to create a relaxing environment, and take the attention away from the actual procedures and the pain that comes with it. If you haven’t tried the powers of music, then now is the best time to do it.

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Building a show promotion career

show promoterIn the music industry, the most popular and well-known people are usually the artists themselves, followed after a reasonable distance by the music producers whose names also often appear on the tracks. These two categories of people make a lot of money from the industry, but another less known career where people tend to rake in the cash when they know what they are doing is show promotion.

As the name implies, the career has to do with shows, which could be concerts or any other kind of event where an artist or a group of them will be billed to perform. The name only says promotion, and that is somewhat misleading, because while it is indeed part of the duties of a show promoter to promote and create awareness for an upcoming event, that is only one part of his activities.

As a show promoter, you will be in charge of the entire process of planning a concert, deciding which artists will be performing and getting them to agree, organizing the venue and equipment for the best quality performances, security and publicity for the programme.

In order to be reasonably certain of success in the career, you will ideally have some sort of experience in the industry, in one capacity or the other. This could be that you had been an artist at one point in time, an agent, a producer or any other job that allowed you to network extensively and get an array of contacts in various areas of the industry.

The prospects in the career are big, and when it comes to the financial aspects, the promoter who organized a concert is likely to make more money from it than the artists who perform. This depends on your negotiating power, and how many people you are able to get to attend and pay the ticket fee for the concert. If you do your work well enough and there is a sell-out, meaning that the capacity of the concert venue is fully booked, then you will definitely make a whole lot of money. With the technological advances in recent times, a show promoter will not have to only rely on the physical takings; you will also be able to get money from live-streams and other digital monetization systems.

The most important thing in having a successful show promotion career is having a network of people who you are on good terms with in the industry and whom you will be able to call on to do you favors. These favors would be very important when it comes to things like booking a venue or a client for a lower price than normal, thereby increasing your own profit margins. You will also need goodwill when you want certain celebrities to be present at your concerts in order to book ticket sales.

Another thing you will need to have in order to build a successful career is Charisma, both online and offline, meaning that you should be able to build publicity for your events using the traditional methods and social media. You could always give this job out though, but it’s always best if you are able to do a significant part of it yourself.

Have You Missed the Train?

life partnersFor some people it is very easy for them to find their soulmate. However, there are many people who grow discouraged because they don’t ever think they will find true love. It is important to be patient and truly understand what it takes to better ourselves in order to find our soulmate. Many people never meet their soulmate because they simply are not following the basic laws of attraction.

Find Love with the Law of Attraction

The Universal Law of Attraction states that people are like magnets. A magnet attracts iron ore because that’s what it’s made up of. People attract other people who are “made up” of the same stuff, like hopes, desires, fears, feelings, and so on. For example, in a very basic way, when you smile at somebody, do people smile back at you? Yes, most often they do. This is the law of attraction working. When you smile people are drawn to your positive energy, it makes them feel good, and as a result they smile back which makes you feel good; like attracting like.

So, do you think this law of attraction is true in your own life? Do you believe you can you really attract the positive and negative just like a magnet? The things you want–like money, power, and confidence? Even the things you don’t want–debt, conflict, or poor self-image? How about love…do you think you can use this law to attract your one true love just as surely as to attract not-so-good relationships? Let’s explore this a little further by thinking about how you talk to your girlfriends about men, dating, and love.

Ask yourself this: Would you be attracted to a man who had such a woe-is-me attitude, low self-esteem, negative outlook on life, and no dreams for his relationship future? Um, I didn’t think so. So why should a man be attracted to you if this is the “man magnet” you’re casting out into the world?

But, before you get mad at the law of attraction, you must realize “it” doesn’t care one way or the other if you’re happy or sad, with Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong. The law works without judgment, without bias, and without any sentiment of “I sure hope she finds her dream man this time!” If you want to begin attracting your true love, then things are going to need to change and you are going to need to be the one who changes them.

Change your focus to the positive, to the self-affirming, and to your ideal, and your man magnetism is going to start attracting your Mr. Right (and, likely, many of them!) immediately.

Can You Hear the Sound of the Future?

Can You Hear the Sound of the Future?

An audio engineer works with all the technical features of sound through the procedures of blending, recording, and duplication. Audio engineers are not the same as producers. Nevertheless, some audio engineers go on using their professions assume the function of producer or to double as producers. There are many subfields of engineering that is audio that you can become involved in.

Studio Engineer

Studio engineers typically work with the head engineer to create new sounds and mix music together.

Assistant Engineer

An assistant engineer typically works in a studio setting at the same time. They’re frequently trainees to studio engineers who work or possess in facilities that are big.

The Work Place

The workplace of an audio engineer changes by what each engineer chooses to specialize in. Audio engineers are found working in places such as music studios, film studios, television studios, with band crews, tour teams, occasion crews and maintenance teams, opera houses, play houses, theatres, conference centers, auditoriums, government offices and institutions of higher education.

Where an audio engineer works depends upon subfield, experience, their personality, work ethic, location, and salary requirement. There are a variety of places in North America As Well As throughout the entire world for audio engineers to find employment.

Becoming an Audio Engineer

There’s no set accreditation as it pertains to becoming an audio engineer. However, those thinking of becoming audio engineers will be at more of an advantage when they enroll in higher education. There are both bachelor’s and associate’s degrees available for audio engineering, along with vocational certificates. A bachelor’s degree typically takes about four years to earn, an associate degree normally takes about two years to earn, along with a vocational certification normally takes about a year or less to earn. Out while a vocational degree is the least valued of the three degrees, a bachelor’s degree is valued.

Following a degree is earned, or while their degree is being earned by a sound engineer, the primary audio engineering job that most audio engineers have is that of an assistant engineer. Being an assistant engineer is a good way to learn the trade, get used to a new line of work, meet folks, and make important networking connections. Networking is a critical part of many professions in audio engineering. Often audio engineers work instead of especially working for one firm for a long amount of time.


Regardless of what you want to do for a living it is important to know what it takes to fulfill your dream. Becoming an audio engineer is a fun an exciting experience that is filled with many rewards as well as opportunities. Once you have your degree you will excel at whatever you do.

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Life and Times of a Disc Jockey

Life and Times of a Disc Jockey

If you want to become a radio disc jockey it takes a lot of hard work and dedication as well as an individual who has a passion for music. You must also have excellent communication skills and a nice voice helps as well! You can typically obtain a degree in radio broadcasting in about 18-24 months, with extensive hands-on training. The hardest part of the job is learning how to properly use the equipment in the studio. Other than that, it really is a piece of cake.

How to Become a DJ

Being a real disc jockey takes a vast amount of energy and musical knowledge. Though that alternative is available for individuals who want to do so you may not need to really go to school to become a disc jockey.

The basic needs for a disc jockey change depending on their choice of site. The playlist generally consists of only songs from a specific genre, with a few tracks included from tunes that are strongly related. As an example, a station that has chosen to specialize in the pop genre may have a few borderline songs from country musicians in their playlist due to the pop -design sound of the tracks. A radio disc jockey should even be able to handle calls from listeners with professionalism, conduct interviews with musicians in a professional, yet entertaining, fashion, and to speak well on the air.

A disc jockey in a dance club, rave, or alternative party-style site will have to possess strong skills for reading their crowd. This permits them to keep the crowd dancing all night without wearing them outside or boring them. They’ll also need to be able to communicate nicely using managers and the venue owners, ensuring there are no conflicts with all the tunes they are playing, the kind of audience their playlist is currently drawing, etc.

A DJ requires in order to handle and arrange audience and a varied playlist and needs excellent communication skills. A solid work ethic can help maintain employment with dance clubs, radio stations, mobile disc jockey companies, and private bookings. It can be a lot of fun but it requires quite a bit of hard work. There is always a learning curve though, just as with any profession. It is more than just speaking over the radio and playing music. There is much more to it than that.


If you want to become a disc jockey you will need to enroll in a certificate or degree program in radio broadcasting. You will learn how to use the equipment, be professional, and speak with clarity and confidence. It is an excellent profession to get into especially if you are truly passionate about it.

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Calling All Good Listeners!

Calling All Good Listeners!

Have you been told that you have a sharp sense of hearing? Do you have a desire to help people hear better and live their lives to the full? If the answer to both those questions is “yes”, then you need to consider a career as an audiologist! Audiologists use their medical expertise and training to identify and treat hearing problems. The responsibilities of an audiologist include reviewing the patient’s medical histories, diagnosing hearing problems, determining the right course of treatment, handling hearing aids or cochlear implants, and providing education/counseling to the families of hearing-impaired patients.

With one in five Americans over the age of twelve years dealing with some kind of hearing problem, there is an acute need for qualified audiologists. This need is set to grow in the future as well. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in this field will increase by 37 percent from 2010 to 2020. This is far higher than the average growth rate for all occupations. However, since this is a small specialty profession, only 4,800 new jobs will be added. Factors driving the growing demand for audiologists include the aging population in the US, a greater focus on early intervention in society, a desire and for better hearing aids and related medical devices.

The training period lasts approximately eight years after graduating from high school. Aspiring audiologists will need to first earn a high school diploma followed by an undergraduate degree, which lasts approximately four years. Your bachelor’s degree program may be in any field although a focus on biology, linguistics or speech and hearing may ultimately prove helpful in later education as well as professional life. After completing the undergraduate program, you will need to apply to a graduate program in order to earn a doctoral degree in audiology, which takes another four years. Coursework typically covers abnormal communication development, anatomy, physiology, and diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems. The curriculum includes a component of clinical work which allows students to gain extremely valuable real world experience in the field. After earning a doctoral degree, you will need to consider certification. While not absolutely necessary, certain employers may require a certification of clinical competence in audiology, which can be obtained from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Licensing, on the other hand, is mandatory. Depending on the state an audiologist wants to work in, the requirements for obtaining a license may differ.

While becoming an audiologist requires a substantial investment of time, it does not always have to mean a huge financial investment as well. The US is home to a number of affordable colleges where budding audiologists can get an excellent education. For example, an out-of-state student enrolled in the undergraduate program at Eastern New Mexico University Main Campus pays an annual sum of USD 17,285, which is far lower than most other institutions. Nationally, the average annual cost for such a degree is USD 34,461 for an out-of-state student. Other colleges that offer affordable bachelor’s degree programs in audiology include the University of Central Arkansas (USD 20,090), Idaho State University (USD 27,956), Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne (USD 27,487), and Southern University and A & M College (USD 17,477). Tuition and fees for in-state students are even lower. For instance, at Minnesota State University Moorhead, in-state students are charged USD 15,748 while out-of-state students pay USD 22,646.

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Can Music Make Money?

Can Music Make Money?

Music is a wonderful industry for you to get into. Most students question as to whether or not they can make money in the music industry. Whether you decide you are a songwriter or want to get into music production there are a number of different options available for you to choose from. Some students choose to work behind the scenes while others choose to be in front of the crowd. Either way there are great options for you and many college and career opportunities for you as well.

If you would rather work behind the scenes, music production may be an option for you. A music production student will be required to study a variety of different topics due to the wide range of knowledge that is needed to perform well at their job. They assist in the process of song selection and controlling the recording process. In this career it is also important for the music production major to know how to mix and master music recordings. Knowing about the technical side as well as the songwriting aspect of music making will help you further your career. There are a number of schools where you can acquire this type of education.

A music production student will study a number of different topics due to the job’s wide range of responsibilities. They assist in the process of song selection and controlling the recording process. In this career it is also important for the music production major to know how to mix and master music recordings. There are a number of schools where you can acquire this type of education.

Full Sail University offers an excellent music production program that is available both on their Winter Park, FL campus as well as online. The Berklee College of Music offers a Bachelor’s degree program in music production and engineering. They provide you with an education that gives you musical expertise as well as that experience you need to obtain your dream job. Many of the educators at Berklee worked with many big name artists such as David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Alicia Keys, and many others.

There are schools all over the country that offer it is a major. The Los Angeles Film School has a music production program that goes over basic recording principles, songwriting and development, copyright and publishing, music business management, and much more. Depending on where you live there are many more college options available for you to choose from.

There are so many careers for you to choose from in the music industry. Don’t let anything stand in your way of achieving your goals. Whether you enjoy performing or like being behind the scenes, the opportunities are endless.

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Independent Women On The Rise!


Independent Women On The Rise!

In the last several decades, women are being celebrated more and more across the United States. However, it is also important to recognize the women who helped pave the way for the strong women Americans currently know and celebrate. Throughout history, women have contributed significantly to the country in a wide variety of ways. These contributions have led to the United States that people are familiar with today.

Strong Women Who Helped to Progress the USA

Strong women are often seen as those in positions of power, but any woman can possess the strength to change those around her. Ruth Benedict said, “I long to speak out the intense inspiration that comes to me from the lives of strong women.” Strong women are able to inspire those around them to be greater and to take charge. This is what has led to major changes in the United States throughout history.

Over the course of the next 10 years, the workforce will see an estimated one billion women enter it throughout the world. This means that women will play a major role in running corporations and bringing money into the global economy. This will give women the chance to make major changes in industries that are largely run by men. It will also allow women to help change the cities they live in in positive and meaningful ways.

Female Icons in the United States

Everything that makes the United States great is celebrated on the 4th of July. People look back on history and remember those who enacted change. Women, while not seen as equals decades ago, worked tirelessly to make this country a better place for people of all genders, races and cultures. These women are responsible for many of the rights people take for granted today.

It was not until 1920 that women were able to vote for the leaders of this country. While women’s rights have come a long way, there is still inequality between the genders. However, this has not stopped some women from being pioneers and leading the charge against oppression. The following women have helped to shaped the world as you know it today:

a)      Margaret Brent played a major role in women’s suffrage

b)      Abigail Adams is the wife of president John Adams and she helped to influence his decisions

c)      Sojourner Truth worked to promote humans rights

d)     Dorothea Dix helped with war nursing and social reform

e)      Harriet Beecher Stowe was a major part of the antislavery movement

f)       Harriet Tubman conducted the Underground Railroad

g)      Susan B. Anthony inspired the suffrage movement throughout the nation

Knowing these women and what their contributions are will give you a better picture of American history. All of these women are responsible for helping women to achieve greater freedoms and for ensuring that all Americans enjoy a higher quality of life. These women fought against power to make a statement and to enact change when no one thought it was possible.

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Voltaire: The Song Bird

voltaire (1)Voltaire is a Cabaret Musician, an artist and computer animator. Born in Cuba, Aurelio Voltaire Hernandez created his own sound with roots in Goth and European Folk. It is a bit difficult to categorize his sound although it is commonly considered new wave or dark/folk music. He plays various string instruments as well as the drums and played in a small band before becoming an independent songwriter.

Voltaire was successful in creating a unique image along with his talent by putting out his very own comic book called ‘Oh My Goth.’ He also chose to write his own sci-fi novel called ‘The Legend of Candy Claws.’ Without a doubt his ideas were a huge success amongst listeners and readers in various countries. Like other successful musicians he has integrated his image into every product. Creativity in how anyone presents themselves is commonly overlooked. Some creativity is difficult to express in a society that does not give praise to the person who decides to take a different path than the ‘majority’ of people. When someone isn’t afraid to channel their creativity and stand out amongst others it is often reward by the people.

In order to become an established artist it takes a unique approach and image that is unlike any of the other hundreds of artists who devote their time to making it within the music industry. Is there a secret to making it as a songwriter? It appears to be that the ones who have been a success excel in their creative approach and style. Even if a musician has a great deal of talent, it isn’t guaranteed that they will make it unless they are able to sell their image.

Voltaire has built a heavy following because of his memorabilia and products in different industries. He has a great deal of science fiction and anime fans that listen to his music after becoming a fan of his writing. As a well respected artist he is often credited for his lyrics, ability to play multiple instruments and create unique products. In this approach he was able to make himself stand out amongst other artists.

It’s important to possess a unique image as it is a part of his entertainment value. A great entertainer always presents himself in a way that is new and viral to the public.  This goes hand in hand with sending the message that is portrayed in his music. Being able to counteract a different popular image is a common technique amongst musicians who want to break through the mold and gain fans. If you do have the look and are lacking in talent it may be more difficult than if you had the talent and not the look – PR and advertising strategies can always be changed, especially when an artist such as Voltaire becomes comfortable in his or her own skin.

Music The Healer!

Music-TherapyDo you believe that the natural healing powers of the world can do the most in helping us cope with mental illnesses and physical ailments? It is nice to know that there are forms of therapy that do not have adverse or addicting side effects – believe it or not, music is a powerful form of healing. Countless studies illustrate that when music is exposed to the brain the cognitive properties reorganize themselves in a pattern that promotes a more advanced way of thinking and in turn feeling. ‘Music Therapy’ is a real thing as sound has proven to help people who face difficulties such as Anxiety, Alzheimer’s and Speech Impediments.

How the brain processes music is interesting to observe and make sense of. The pattern like sounds and rhythms give our brain a guideline to replicate by which we can control our thoughts and feelings. These sounds inspire the body to move in synchronization, pushing our mind to continuously move forward. Due to technological advancements the most common forms of communication have been replaced by virtual and melodic interactions. Music is a huge means of communication that appears to unite, relieve and spark sympathetic and understanding emotions.

Rhythm surrounds us at all times throughout the day; from clocks to traffic, to footsteps to our own heartbeat; there is consistency when we listen. Sound frequencies can even build shape formations which takes philosophy to an entirely new level. The magic in our world is one that is often overlooked or unseen because of the material fillers we see, touch and taste. We each have our own unique consciousness which allows us to perceive physical things differently, but, music seems to appeal to all of us in different ways. Could sound be a part of our makeup as humans?

If this is the case it would explain why music has healing properties. If you’ve ever gotten an adrenalin rush or felt Goosebumps after listening to a song you may understand why it’s so powerful. The music and love that we share with one another may be the basis of everything. There is a universal code that we are in search of – this code can spark harmony between energy fields and help us find peace in consciousness.  It could be possible that everything we experience is a frequency of some sort, music being the most powerful one of all. It is said that by tuning our minds to higher frequencies of love we can open up our own divine power and find a mental breakthrough. Music may be a tool for our mind and something that helps us love each other.

When an entity is vibrating at a high frequency it affects other entities in a negative or positive manner.  “The keystone of the entire structure of the spiritual and physical universe is Rhythmic Balanced Interchange between all opposites.”- Walter and Lao Russell. Can we pull from this and have a deeper understanding as to why frequencies may be a significant process that heals us and takes us to higher places?