Symphonies and the Power of Music Therapy

Symphonies and the Power of Music Therapy

Times are changing. This has been true for all of time, but now time is changing more rapidly and people are finding new ways to approach daily problems like stress, anxiety, etc. There are more and more techniques out there that are meant to help get rid of or lessen the effects of stress on the body. People are using music therapy as a coping mechanism now and it seems to be working very well. Studies have indicated improvement in music therapy patients, which is a better alternative than that of prescription medications for stress and anxiety.

Music can help reduce anxiety. You know that when you get in your car or grab your headphones that you are going to listen to music. You change the station or the cd to whatever tracks that you like. Have you ever asked yourself why you like these tracks? The answer is that songs make you feel good. It could be anything from a slow song or an upbeat song, but music is great for any kind of mood. People listen to music because it is uplifting and makes them happy.

That is the whole purpose of music therapy. You don’t think about those little things when you are riding around in the car listening to music, it is a form of music therapy treatment that is absolutely free. Think about that the next time you listen to a song you like. Music temporarily eases your mind of all the daily stress issues that you have to deal with.

People are slowly catching on to the effects of music therapy and are slowly coming together to create different programs that would be beneficial to people who could use music therapy in life. Some symphonies have created programs specifically for music therapists. Musicians have been teaming up with healthcare professionals to offer live musical performances that enhance the healing process in patients all over.

Although music therapy is a very positive influence on coping with stress and anxiety, you still have to follow the guide lines set forth by a doctor. You won’t really find out how helpful music therapy is until it actually helps you or a loved one, but it is important to remember that dealing with stress and anxiety is a process. You cannot do it alone. Music therapy gives you a lot of help, but you need your family and friends to be completely on board and be there to support you. Music therapy is a rapidly growing field and very beneficial to the world.

Symphonies and the Power of Music Therapy Credit Picture License: Wolfgang Lonien via photopin cc