The Fight Against Acne

Are you winning the fight against acne?

That dreaded plague of the skin. Its terrible symptoms are the eternal blight in one’s quest for flawless, blemish free, healthy skin. Acne is a skin condition characterized by inflamed skin resulting in one or multiple whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. And what makes this chronic condition additionally terrifying is that it can appear anywhere in the human body. Popular coming of age movies usually portray young teens on the cusp of adulthood with acne on the face; but the unfortunate truth is that acne is not choosy about location. Acne can spread to any part of your body where pores get irritated or blocked. Acne in some body parts has become so ubiquitous that it has earned its own moniker. Have you ever heard of Bacne? That is popular slang for Back Acne.  Try to google it for yourself and it is going to show about 86,000 or more results. It is so notorious it has taken a life of its own.

But is acne a recent development? There are some who propagate the belief that acne is the result of the less desirable aspects of modern living. Arguably, these are the same groups that will advocate what they so aspiringly call a return to nature. The same cluster of believers who shun vaccines while promoting so called innovations like raw water, which is really just another way of saying unfiltered, untreated water that is highly likely to put your health in danger.

The idea that acne is a modern affliction is one that is easily disproved. Historical texts show that ancient Roman physicians as early as 25 BC were already hard at work combatting acne. They even go as far as to lament the vanity of the women seeking their remedies. This should not come as a surprise when you think about it. The ancient Romans matrons were notorious for using toxic white lead to achieve the ideal of fair skinned beauty. If they can go that far then surely they would have sought help for any condition that marred their skin.

Mankind has come a long way and so has acne. Fortunately, in the present day we have a much better understanding or the hows, whats and whys of acne. Modern medicine and technology has also evolved by leaps and bounds. People might not have completely eradicated this ancient skin care foe but the science that is available puts one in a much better position to prevent and treat acne.

However acne treatments take time and in this fast paced world we always seem to need to be somewhere and soon. The good news is that aside from prevention and treatment, people also have effective options to conceal what can be very visible; very daunting results of your battle with acne. The advances in science have made its way to cosmetics resulting in top makeup options for acne scars.  Looking flawless and fabulous is made easy with these choices for top makeup options for acne scars

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